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New Companies beware of letters received from

6 October 2015

Important Message for New Companies regarding letter from

We have been made aware of a letter being sent out by the owners of Register of Companies & Businesses ( to new companies that have recently been incorporated at Companies House.  This letter is written in such a way that could cause concern and worry to the owner of a newly incorporated company to think their company has not been registered correctly.   The letter then goes on to guide the recipient to pay £190 to register their Limited company on the Register of Companies & Businesses.

We can assure our customers that any formations that are made through our system are secure and legally registered with Companies House, the regulatory body for companies in the UK.

If you are in receipt of such a letter please be assured that you can ignore it as this is a scam.   If you are unsure please feel free to email us a copy of the letter and we will happily tell you if it is genuine or not.   Any letters received will be passed to Action Fraud, please refer to their website for further information Action Fraud Article