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Confirmation Statements will replace the Annual Return

7 June 2016

With effect 30 June 2016 confirmation statements will replace the annual return for companies.  Companies will need to file a confirmation statement from this date, providing up to date information for inclusion on the public register that is stored on Companies House website.

Companies will now ‘check and confirm’ the information held by Companies House rather than providing a snapshot of data at a specific date which was required under the Annual Return process.  Many company owners are struggling to see what the real difference is as this is what they considered they were doing under the annual return process especially as many companies did not experience any changes from the previous year.

The Confirmation statement will need to include information held in respect of people with significant control (PSC) as well as  changes to shareholders, SIC code or amending the statement of capital will need to be recorded.

When making other changes such as amending the registered office address, this must be registered on a separate form alongside your confirmation statement.

Costs that will be incurred by the company remain in line with the annual return which is £13 when filed online and £40 if it is filed on paper.  The fees are paid once a year and cover a twelve month period.

During the year Companies can submit as many statements as they choose to. However, after the 12 months, the fee will renew to submit your statement either online or by letter.

If you would like further information in respect of this change and how it could affect your company please telephone our support line.