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What’s in a company name?

22 January 2020

Same-Day Company FormationThe hardest decision before you form a company is often “what do I call it?” For many businesses the choice of name can be a make or break for the success of its development. Over the years we have seen many varieties of names from the use of the directors name, anagrams of family names, names spelt backwards, latin names for English words and many more. Whilst you are relatively free to choose whatever name you like for your company (refer to the link below for the do’s and don’ts) there are some important factors that need to be considered when using it for business.

Choosing a Company name – what to consider:

Whilst a name is not for life as it can be amended at a later stage, thinking about it at incorporation can save a costly rebranding exercise in the future.

Further guidance can be found at Companies House on choosing a company name.

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